Welcome to classicsliders.com Food truck, Now serving Abilene Texas

Our story


Where we started

We started our food truck in Maine . June of 2016, We tested our food truck by inviting our neighbors and giving away massive amounts of hamburgers and cheeseburgers. 

Since then we have attended many events, from helping non profits, neighborhood block parties, Outdoor Concerts, Town Fairs, Brew Fests and Brew Pubs. Everything was good and business was running ...

.....And Then Came Texas!!

So we moved 2,000 miles to the Texas Heartland, to the Big Country, to our new home in Abilene. We came as Felicidad (my wife) accepted a job at Hendrick Medical Center and my business is quite mobile. We came to the birthplace of BBQ and the home of rattle snakes. And if you go over to Sweetwater I understand you can try BBQ rattle snake. I'll pass on that thank-you.

We are excited to be here in Texas and look forward to making new friends and growing our business. Please like us and follow us on Facebook. We would like to get our name out there into the community, our new home here in Abilene.

Our food truck

Classic sliders visit to the truck dealer...